Mass exclusions of apps for newly enrolled devices

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2 new devices have been enrolled into a site, and it doesn't need to have most of the apps that are applied to the all mobile devices scope. It would be nice to be able to control a setting to control this for all apps. If there was an option to exclude certain devices from all apps at once, instead of going into each app configuration and putting the devices in exclusions. The workaround is to make a new site, but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible and not have a site for just 2 devices.3359ef6c0db54c1483a80e0d6353aa3b


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seems like you should scope your polices not to all devices and scope them static groups, for what you want. If you have some really good scripting skills you could probably do it with smart groups as well.

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This is actually really easy. Going off of @nessts comment, create a smart group that all devices belong and have an exclude static group. The criteria is super easy, as shown in the screenshot below. Obviously you'll want to not use a group named BitsBoard, but rather whatever you want to call the exclude group


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Thank you for the feedback. Using static groups is exactly what I was looking for.