Mavericks server caching and Self service

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Have been setting up software caching servers on our network. Have set one Mac Mini server to cache on our wireless subnet that all our iPads operate on. Have ticked the "Cache content only for local networks" option as I have another Mac Mini on our wired subnet.
When users attempt to install an App from the JSS Self Service app they are prompted for their Apple ID then told that the app is currently unavailable.
As soon as I turn off Server Caching the app will download. I have tried it with cache content option off, no change, thought this may work as the JSS server is on the Wired subnet.
App updates work OK and Apps downloaded directly from the App store work.
Do not run self service on our Macs so cannot test the wired subnet as yet.
Any ideas greatly appreciated


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You may want to configure the listen ranges for each server to ensure the clients are connecting to the correct caching server for their subnet. See the "Configure advanced cache settings" section of the OS X Server Advanced Administration Guide to learn about the Caching service's advanced settings.