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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Installing QuickAdd without user interaction

What's up JAMF Nation?? Okay tell me I'm making this too complicated, and you all have a really easy fix for me here.. Problem: If I'm using Casper Imaging from an external disk and imaging machine, I can't enroll it into our JSS (because the machine...  View more

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Cons of disabling certificate-based authentication

Hi.. We are having an issue where Cisco AnyConnect always wants to access the private key of the certifcate installed by the JSS in the System Keychain. We can't go around and modify everyone's private key to allow AnyConnect access to it, so we thou...  View more

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Mounting Windows Home Directory

Hey all, I would like to automate the mounting of our Users Windows home directory. If I leave "Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location" checked, it will find the home folder (or at least it seems), place it in the right si...  View more

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Ipad wallpaper

Is there a way to disable students from changing the wallpaper on the iPads? I looked in the configuration profile on casper but I don't see a setting anywhere. Thanks  View more

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Block Mac Mini from Shutting Down

We have a Mac Mini in an A/V Classroom that professors are shutting down when they leave the classroom. Because of the annoying power button location when the Mac Mini is locked in an A/V rack, I am looking to have some sort of policy that forces all...  View more

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Java Error

We've got LDAP setup authenticating fine but this error comes up when querying accounts No matches0.01 secondsError: javax.naming.directory.InvalidSearchFilterException: invalid attribute description; remaining name ''Suggestion: No suggestion availa...  View more

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Autodmg deploying osx 10.9.2

Hi I've been trying to deploy a base osx image. I followed the instruction found on the dev's website but every time I try to push the image via imaging it doesn't seem to copy anything. I have the dmg set to priority one and I'm running 9.3. Is ther...  View more

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Search Policy by ID?

Is there a way to search policy by ID? I'm always interested which policy is running when in terminal, but it only displays by ID.  View more

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Using Postman and the JSS API

Hey there! I was having problems with the API, trying to figure out how to mass update device locations (really usernames for VPP assignments) and I finally figured out the solution. I am using POSTMAN for Google Chrome (https://chrome.google.com/web...  View more

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DEP & Pre-stage Enrollment or iCloud Restore

Has anyone had any luck using the OTA pre-stage enrollment successfully while also restoring the iPad from an iCloud backup? My experience is that you cannot do it at all. Either you do the OTA enrollment and start all over, or you forgo the OTA and ...  View more

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Not Allowing Apps to Run From DMG

I've see a couple of things related to this with, white list and black list for folders. I work at a school and for next year i would like to make it so that if a kid downloads a .dmg they cant mount it and run the .app from the mounted .dmg. Any tho...  View more

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Updates blank after restricting App Store

I set the app store to restrict to updates only via configuration profile. After the profile is pushed, the updates tab in the app store is blank, even though it tells me I have 7 updates waiting. Has anyone encountered this before?  View more

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DEP and Device Apple ID's

My Boss wants to have device Apple ID's, to which the students don't know the password. Does anyone have a workflow like this setup they wouldn't mind sharing, that would be great. My Boss' idea is because not all parents will want their kids to have...  View more

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DEP, Managed VPP and Enforcement

We have 1573 ipads in our school district. Over the last 4 years we have been using the totally unsupported, "Shared-Apple ID across many ipads" deployment method. After briefing most of my schools on the DEP, Managed VPP and Under-13 Apple ID progra...  View more

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Snapz Pro alternatives and experience with TechSmith

Greetings all, Currently in the process of justifying a switch to SnagIt from Snapz Pro to the boss. With offices in different time zones and no technicians, manually activating anything is a pain in the rear to do and to maintain. And it's 2014, peo...  View more

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Guest account on laptop cart MacBooks

I have about 150 white unibody MacBook laptops that we use on portable carts in our elementary schools. I am trying to image them with OS X 10.6 to auto login with the Guest account. We really only need them for 1 application and web access (testing ...  View more

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Casper Focus

Casper Focus is not showing all the apps installed on my iPhone or iPad. Any suggestions would he highly appreciated.  View more

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SNMP Primer

So, since I don't have a website anymore, I PDF'd the SNMP primer I'd written a while ago. It's not changed much, snmp's a pretty stable protocol. I figured this was the group worth going through the trouble for. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/l573...  View more

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JDS Backup

We're setting up an instance of Casper Suite, and figuring out which pieces we need to backup. We've found the documentation for backing up the JSS component, however we're having challenges figuring out what we need to backup, in order to recover th...  View more

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I have created a Netboot image that will reimage my MacAir's from Mountain Lion to Mavericks. That is about the extent of my abilities.These computers are 2013 MacBook Airs and am running JSS Version 9.31I will be giving the same computers back to th...  View more

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New iWork/iLife Updates (Mavericks)

How is everyone deploying the new updates to iLife and iWork? We've successfully deployed the suites on all of our user machines (after downloading it on our imaging machine using a department Apple ID), however the updates prompt for that Apple ID p...  View more

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SLOW imaging via AFP

I am dealing with slow/disconnecting performance via Casper Imaging. Often the connection drops or crawls along at 4-12MB/s. Here are some specifics that may help: JSS 9.3 running on a OS X Server 3.1.1 Mid 2011 Mac Mini OS X 10.9.2Distribution Point...  View more

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