Mavericks Update in Self Service getting Software Update error

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On machines which have run the upgrade package I created using the whitepaper as a guide, I get 'Cant Connect to the software update server ()' , which can be overcome by deleting the and restarting...has anyone had this issue, or have any suggestions why this may be happening/how to stop this happening??

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I experienced a similar issue to yours. A managed preference had been setup during our jump start for our software update server. I deleted it because we setup a new software update server with a different IP address. Deleting that managed preference only removed the managed preference from Casper. It didn't revert the Software Update setting back to the Apple default setting. I had to delete the same file you did to restore software update. If you deleted a managed preference or a configuration profile that had been setting your software update server that may be why you are seeing this issue. If after deleting the file the problem returns then you may have a managed preference of configuration profile that is setting the software update to a blank CatalogURL.

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You can also run the below to set a clients software update server back to Apple's:

sudo JAMF removeSWUSettings