McAfee ePO agent and menu items

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We've been requested to test and deploy McAfee in our environment so its pretty new. We have the ePO server side set-up. but am curious about a few things with testing and further deploying.

These test machines our not on our domain yet, we wanted to test the agent and get that all squared away...however perhaps Im new to this or missing some pieces, on one of the prebuilt systems we had there was a McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac app installed, but when we run the agent, Im not getting that. is that a different piece or does that only pull down when connected to our network?

Secondly, I read through the packaging process discussion. But what pieces do you include in putting together the McAfee ePO agent and McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac app?



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We're just running through this also, once the ePO agent is installed on the Mac the ePO should manage installation of McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac app.

If you check on the ePO > System Tree > select the Mac > you should see a products tab, this will show you what's installed at that point.

on the mac you can run sudo /Library/McAfee/agent/bin/cmdagent -i to see details inc the last time it checked in with the ePO, use -h to get a list of all commands available.

Here's the info to package and install the ePO agent

Download the install script from the ePO and package it as per the discussion above.


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Oh okay, so it should it trigger the GUI Mac app from the ePO? since these aren't on the same network currently, its just run off a temporary network that for this purpose we're being kept off. so I'm to assume thats why the Mac app is not being installed or showing on the Mac.

Cool, I did read through the article and looking at putting it together, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any pieces. but being off the main network that may be our drawback (blind leading the blind right now lol).

Thank you again Andy

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Yes, it should install the application as part of a policy on the ePO, you may want to confirm this with whoever configured the ePO for your environment.

If you want to test if the Mac can reach the ePO, run

sudo /Library/McAfee/agent/bin/cmdagent -p

to collect and send properties to the ePO then run

sudo /Library/McAfee/agent/bin/cmdagent -i

that will show the last communication time with the ePO and also the address if you want to ping it

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Following up on this and the article here:

Couple questions regarding packaging this up and using composer.

In the first step it says to create the folders and run terminal commands and place everything in place, then step 2 is to run composer, do I drag and drop the folders that just created and the script into Composer and then create the DMG?

Or would I want to run composer first to make a new snap shot? And then run the commands and then make the DMG?

I realize i might be overcomplicating this - I'm just trying to understand the logic of the directions.

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Okay since I think we figured out why some things weren't being deployed and learning the environment a bit more the initial request of this can be scratched but I wanted to follow up in regards to components of McAfee.

They want to disable the McAfee firewall option, and McAfee says that there is an uninstall script in /usr/local/McAfee/
and they have a command to run sudo uninstall -StatefulFirewall (can't recall off the top of my head)

how would I add that to the deployment of the McAfee EPO agent? would that be an additional policy or what would be a recommended way for it to be disabled after successful installation of the McAfee products?

Thank you!