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Good Day to all:

So I created a package that will dump the McAfee Smart Install to a directory and have a script that should automatically launch the app to start the process. But, when the script runs, I get the username and password box of the current user. I enter the credentials and nothing I missing something? The script is below:


Configuration Script to laugh the McAfee Smart Installer

Written by Rob Wilson - 3/2/17

Sudo ./open -a /Library/Application Support/TMP/

echo "Complete"


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Before I even get into deconstructing what's wrong with your script, I have a question - how is this package being run? From a policy from Jamf Pro, or are you double clicking the package install which runs the script inside of it?

Depending on your answer, some of this may or may not apply, but to start with, using ./ in front of the open command makes no sense to me, You're telling the script to use the current working directory to look for and run the open command, which obviously isn't going to work since its not going to be in the working directory of the script.
Second, I've never heard of McAfee Smart Installer. My assumption is its some kind of wonky "app" that McAfee developed to install their tools, as usual, instead of making a normal OS X installer package like virtually every other vendor. Can you tell I've had to deal with McAfee's so called "developers" before? They are a discredit to the profession as far as I'm concerned. If it were me I would probably, no, not probably, definitely push back on them to give me something usable for deployment, not some silly app installer, but hey, if you want to go ahead and enable them to continue to do their nonsense, that's not my business.

If I had to take a guess why you're only getting an authentication box it's likely because of the sudo at the start of the command, which shouldn't be necessary, assuming the script is being run with root privileges already. But since it probably can't run the actual command following it, its just asking for authentication and then dying.

Lastly, though I know it was just a typo, I had to chuckle at your comment in the script. I often "laugh" at McAfee's dumb installers myself, when I'm not crying about them that is.

Truly lastly, wrap your script with the script tags so it gets formatted correctly. Highlight the script and click the button with the >_ icon in the post editing toolbar.

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Is there an admin guide? Symantec has a similar app installer for SEP, but the app has a menu option to create a deployable pkg installer that would be used with Casper. The app is almost certainly not the way you should deploy the software. Read the admin guide or talk to your rep.

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Don't mess with the smart installer... From what I can remember it's for one time installs.. You have to follow the directions her.

Short version
1. Use Casper to "place" the McAfee 3,000 line script on the machine
2. Use Casper to run a 2nd script to "trigger" the McAfee 3,000 line script


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Thanks for the replies and sorry, I meant to take the sudo part out...that was my first attempt at script writing. I am just using the open command below:

open -a /Library/Application Support/TMP/

Also, this version of McAfee is the only version right now that work with thats why I am stuck with it. Also, this with this installer, you just double click on it and it pulls all the software down automatically. Its pretty neat.

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Its not pretty neat if its not deployable from your Jamf pro setup. Installers like that are not meant for widespread deployment, they are for an end user to double click and run locally. I agree with the others above (obviously), you should go back to McAfee and ask them how to make a deployable installation. This is not the way to do it, believe me.

FWIW, our SecOps folks still haven't upgraded our EPO environment for Sierra. Pressure is mounting to move to it fully and we are putting that pressure back on them to get the environment updated. This should be happening soon. If I end up with some silly double clickable "smart" app installer, I'm going to blow my lid. I sincerely hope they aren't going to saddle me with something so lame.


@rl2k05 and Mike,

"SmartInstall" has been around awhile and I've never had much luck with it, even to test a local one-on-one installation. Maybe it's because something else wasn't working right, earlier McAfee versions weren't reporting back to EPO very consistently either. The new 10.2.1 with agent and hotfix HF1159589 seems to be communicating better. OTOH those VShieldScanner processes eat up resources like crazy on 10.11.6 clients.