MCX settings and time machine menu extra

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I am trying to remove the time machine menu extra from the menu as we are
not using time machine. I tried to manually add the setting to the menu
extras part of MCX but did not have any luck getting it to work. Any ideas?

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you are using OS X Server right? I posted this on the hints site a while ago and it works:

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Check out - and specifically, the whitepaper at the bottom of the page.

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Specifically the Client Management doc at:
df Page 55 near the bottom shows an example of the MCX file and setting the
time machine menubar item set to false. That's how we removed the menu bar
item for our image. The dock item for Time Machine can be removed from the

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I used John DeTroye's guide for MCX settings with Casper 7's new MCX
settings to remove TimeMachine from menu bar and stop the prompt for
TimeMachine backup to new external drives. One more way to accomplish the
task. A little crude
documentation but clear enough.