MDM enabled OS X 10.8.3 keep receving "EraseDevice"

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I am newbie on the board both OS X and JAMF.

I have installed quick add package in OS X 10.8.3 iMac stations- stations are bind to active directory (2008R2)
The weird thing is as soon as user logs in, screen saver starts and asking for password to unlock it.

From the console, I found that station is getting mdmclient "EraseDevice" and this was the cause of screen saver.
After delete profile using " /usr/bin/profile -D" this problem goes away.

From the JAMF server, I don't have any policy/remote command to EraseDevice.
After deleting the profile, JAMF still shows client is MDM capable.

I am getting confused how this can happen.

I would appreciate if somebody can give me clarification.