Merge JSS Databases? Or how to kick oneself out his JSS with one click...

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Hi all,

I want to share a seldom experience I made today: I've edited the "LDAP server connection" in my JSS and clicked the "Encrypt using SSL" option on. I needed to try the secure LDAP connection between the OD-Master and the JSS-Server. I made the "Test", it failed to connect. And I went to lunch...

I came back to my Laptop and saw the opened "LDAP server connection" window, I tried to check out the SSL but my session was closed and I had to log in the JSS again. Unfortunately there are only 3 Admins with full privileges, one local I never used and can't remember the password and two OD-users who can't access.

I created local OSX-Users with the same credentials as for the OD-Users, I replaced the password of the local admin user but it didn't help. The only and last step was to restore the latest database backup.

Not a lucky guy today: I've lost five hours of intense JSS optimizing -- I'm sure it would only take two and half now, but if there is a way to merge two JSS-databases in a new one with another value for "Settings" > "Edit LDAP Server Connection" > "Encrypt using SSL" it would be an interesting option ;-)

Thanks in advance,

Yann, a little bit wiser this afternoon...