Microsoft AutoUpdate checking automatically even though plist is set to Manual

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I've recently started imaging our Macs with 10.10.5 and I initially struggled with AutoUpdate launching automatically then forcing itself to be the active window whenever a user would open Office 2011 and an update was available. Unfortunately, AutoUpdate would never successfully run and it would simply take over the Mac. The only way out of it (and make the machine usable) was to have the user kill the Microsoft AU Daemon process in Activity Monitor then set AutoUpdate to Manual and the job would run successfully.

As a workaround I changed our plist setting for in to Manual via Configuration Profile for Microsoft Office First Run Settings.

This worked fine until Microsoft released the latest updated for Office and now our Macs are trying to automatically run the update despite the plist file still being set to Manual.

Is there a way to figure out what is causing this AutoUpdate to run? I did not set up the JSS environment so there could be some profile running that's causing it to run that I'm not aware of, but I've yet to find it by manually looking through the logs of an affected machine and checking the contents of each policy. Is a manual search the only option?



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Same problem for me. I finally had to resort to just renaming the MAU2.0 folder.

The script also fails. The setting in the .plist does get set to "Manual" but AutoUpdate still launches and asks to update.


currUser=$( who | awk '/console/{ print $1 }' )

/usr/bin/defaults write /Users/$currUser/Library/Preferences/ HowToCheck -string "Manual"

killall cfprefsd