Microsoft azure as identity manager - pre-stage


I have tried and read documentation again and again, but I just keep getting stucked and don´t know really what to do.

Our setup
We have NO LDAP
I have setup Microsoft azure as identity provider

Overall the goal:
1. is that when at pre-stage the user information like Username and fullname should automatically be filled into jamf when enrolling a computer. Today I do it by script, but would like to get rid of this script 

2. And also I want account creation on the mac to happen automatically, so when user authenticate username and fullname on mac is auto created, without needing any manual creation.

Can the above been done without any jamf connect ?

I in me pre-stage customization have setup Azure SSO (see screenshot). and I can also authenticate successfully. But what more is needed to reach my goals ?




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I would actually also like to know that setup - I also have struggled to get this working

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Hey @Captainamerica,

As far as I'm concerned, Connect is the only known utility that will allow you to create straight away an account with the credentials of your IdP (Azure AD). SSO will only verify the info of your IdP and transmit that info. to the account that is being created, it won't create it automatically. LDAP will help you to fill more info.


An alternative would be to use NoMad but that requires an Active Directory on-premise.