Microsoft Defender ATP


Can anyone assist on how to get the Custom Setting set on the Configuration Profile for WDAV? I am not not familiar with creating plist. I am having trouble uploading the plist to complete the configuration profile in the steps below. I followed the instructions but seem to be doing it wrong.

Having issues with step 6 and the custom setting in the config profile



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Preference Settings will need to go into a separate Configuration Profile or additional Plist under the Preference Domain >

See the following doc for an example of the Plist (at the bottom): is the Preference Domain used for the WindowsDefenderATPOnboarding.plist i.e. licensing; I like to keep these separate on the off chance you want to update settings, but not potentially impact licensing. It also allows you to update to w/ the WindowsDefenderATPOffboarding_valid_until_YYYY-MM-DD.plist for testing between tenents and not impact other users.