Microsoft Edge for Mac - Anyone patching this?

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There are dozens of us! DOZENS!!!!
This doesn't seem to be in the Jamf patch management, but almost every other Microsoft app is. Is anyone managing this by other means? Just uploading a package and deploying with policy?

I see this feature request:

so it would be nice to see this implemented at some point(or more support from jamf to leverage the "third party products" section on jamfnation for patch management), but just curious how everyone is getting by


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Have you set up a config profile to manage Microsoft Auto Update? You can select the MS apps in there, and Edge is one of them.

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I'm using BeatleMike's patch definition from Those third-party definitions are truly helpful and folks who are not using them are missing out. I just counted in my list of patches and of the 52 patches I'm applying with Patch Management, only 22 of the definitions are being supplied by Jamf.

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@Jason33 at least for the moment I am trying to do it without autoupdate. @jefff thank you I will take a look at that definition. i have a few communitypatch definitions already, not sure why i didn't think to check their

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I just use Installomator and manually run it weekly.

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We utilize the Microsoft Auto-Update utility with custom settings to check for and force update installs for Edge.