Microsoft enterprise sso azure ad firefox and chrome

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Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in for Apple devices - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Docs

Has anyone gotten this to work with Firefox or Chrome?  I only see examples where Safari works, but I have a requirement for the other browsers.

I've installed the latest version of company portal, made the configuration profile as explained in the link and added the plist file for the options:  browser_sso_interaction_enabled and disable_explicit_app_prompt.  I even tried adding the bundle names for chrome and firefox, but when I go to I am greeted with a sign in prompt in the browser.  In the azure ad sign in logs, I don't see anything unless I go ahead and log in.

Edit:  This is working for chrome and firefox on our windows machines.


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here is what my configuration profile looks like

part 1 of configuration profilepart 1 of configuration profilepart 2 of configuration profilepart 2 of configuration profile

Hi Can you share your customer plist contents

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Chrome is not supported with SSO on mac - information direct from Microsoft on Slack. Maybe at some point they will adapt the chrome browsers on mac to support the way SSO work on mac 


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We struggle at this point, too. Chrome and Firefox doesn't work with SSO, but Safari and the MS-Office® apps do.

I worked out all the documentations, I found, but nothing works. Neither Chrome® , nor Firefox® 

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Thanks.  I just needed someone else to confirm that it currently isn't working.

The MS SSO extension will only work with browsers/applications that use the Apple networking technologies - both FF and Chrome do not use this.