Microsoft Office 365 configuration - Outlook won't auto-populate email address

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We've followed the steps given in this guide ( but when we launch Outlook, our email address isn't automatically populated like it is here.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was your workaround? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



A few things to check:

  1. Make sure you're deploying at least Outlook v16.19 or later.
  2. Make sure the email address is populated in the User and Location area of the computer record for the Mac you're testing.
  3. On the test Mac, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Profiles and locate the Outlook profile. Do you see the correct email address for the user account listed there?

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  1. We're deploying Outlook v16.9
  2. Yes, the email address is populated in the User and Location area of the computer record for the Mac we're testing.
  3. The correct email address is listed under our list of profiles.

Anything else to check?


@BigSho, 16.9 won't support using the profile.


I use 16.24 - same issue, profile appears and is correctly configured, has no effect on Outlook auto configuring/populating e-mail address from Jamf.

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@talkingmoose @pchrichard

Just tested with 16.24 - same issue.

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Same here….


Hi folks!

After working with another customer, I found my instructions in the blog post contained some wrong information that is probably the cause of the problems you're discussing here.

Specifically, I had written that all key/value pairs get added to the domain. That's wrong. Only two are for that domain and the third is actually for the domain.

We've updated the blog post with the correct information and some additional information and screen shots around using an Extension Attribute to pull in additional information such as a User Principal Name.

Help users activate Microsoft Office 365 and configure Outlook in one click

Apologies for all the confusion! I know it can be frustrating to discover you followed all the steps correctly, but the steps were wrong.

Hi, is there also a method for kiosk like computers that are not specific for one person. We use JAMF connect with O365 to login. So in JAMF there is no specific user added for that computer, but we have the login (first name.lastname) of the user, which can be completed with @domein.ext to retrieve the full email address.

This solution is only going to work for 1:1 computer assignments. The User and Location information for a computer record in Jamf Pro is only 1:1.

It might be possible to script something that works at login to populate this information, but the problem is "How do you get the user's email address?" Jamf Pro has the information, but it's not part of any macOS user account by default. It must be retrieved from somewhere first.

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Hi, In most situations we manage 1 domain for 1 JAMF tenant. So the domain could be a script variable. We use JAMF Connect to login so the logged on account name has everything before the @ to get the email address.

I am not that comfortable with scripting, with more time I will see what is possible. 

Hints are welcome!

tnx, Ward