Microsoft Office 365 OneDerive and Suite Auto user activation

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I've searched around and there are a number of scripts and articles but many focus on OneDrive setup and redirecting Home folders to OneDrive. We just want users to log into the computer and to have OneDrive login but only as "Files On Demand". We don't want files syncing for each computer they move to. 

Also will the same script login the Office Suite? So far in my testing Office 365 Apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. will activate with when one app is logged in but does not follow over to OneDrive. 

Would love for the full suite to login using their logged in "username" with the extended domain ""

Can someone direct me to the needed article? 


Greatly appreciated! 


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Perhaps look at this article how to automatic that.

Also probably look at this as well

You will end up using the default write command