Migrate from hosted exchange to Google Apps

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hey everyone, does anyone know of a reliable company that does these migrations? we're going to move from our current hosted exchange 2013 to our google apps for business account for email. looking for recommendations if anyone has any.


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Ask Google. Back in the day, we had a script that migrated the data. I am sure the process is a lot more robust today.

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If you reach out to Google they'll immediately bring in a preferred third party for professional services. So I'd just start with talking to Google directly.

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Checkout MigrastionWiz that's what I would recommend to migrate from Exchange to GoogleApps. it isn't cheap though but get the job done. Otherwise, I would suggest using Google Apps Directory Sync to sync your AD users to GMAIL, use a Powershell to migrate users Exchange mailboxes to PST and then script connect the user's gmail account to outlook then dump the PST.

My colleague just did it for a client from GoogleApps to Office 365. Your users will be pissed and hate you cause they can no longer use Outlook and Google App Sync for Outlook suck big time and will get you bombarded by tickets.