Migrating Casper 9.91 to 9.98 on a new server without a database restore



Just wanted to check something before I continue:

I'm currently working on a migration from a production Casper 9.91 environment running on a Server 2012 R2 machine to Jamf Pro 9.98 running on Server 2016. I'm unable to restore the backup that I created on the old server (It hangs in the initialisation process @ the webinterface) and I've decided to start fresh with a new DB since there isn't really a lot of data that needs to be moved. I already did a repair after I've imported the backup but that didn't helped btw.

I'm now at the stage of importing my MDM certificate that I currently use in the production JSS and configuring it at my new JSS and I was wondering If I can safely do this without breaking my current running environment.

The idea is to mirror everything to the new JSS (Packages, policies etc.), import my MDM certficate (without breaking the current certificate on the clients/production JSS) and change the DNS entry to the new server so that the clients check-in in my new Setup and I can safely remove the old one.

Is this going to work?

Looking forward to hear something soon :).


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That's not going to work. There won't be any computer/device records in your new clean JSS so when the old clients attempt to talk to your new one it will basically be like "I don't know who you are." You'll still need to re-enroll all your devices.

If I were you I would engage support to figure out why your database is having issues.

Are you sure the delay after upgrading isn't related to the new index build they do for the applications table in 9.98? In the release notes JAMF specifically calls out that building that index on first startup/initializatiom after upgrade can take a couple minutes up to hours depending on how large your Applications table is.


Fixed it!

Went looking deeper in the database after the restore and truncated the JSS audit table because the JSS got stuck at starting up trying to write to the table.

Startup went smooth after this and I'm finally up to speed with the latest version of Jamf Pro :).