Migrating from Airwatch to JAMF Pro

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Hi All,

Has anyone recently moved over from Airwatch to JAMF Pro.
We are currently looking at moving over 1000 existing Macbooks that are enrolled in Airwatch MDM.
We have read that due to security changes, enrolling computers with macOS 11 or later in Jamf Pro using a QuickAdd package is not supported so that is our first option out the window.
Disabling the SIP and deleting the profiles isn't really an option and from testing, it seems like you cannot install JAMF MDM if Airwatch is already installed, and deleting or enterprise wiping a laptop and then re-enrolling a laptop in scale isn't really workable.

A colleague also advised me that when he attempted a User Initiated enrollment it didn't give him full MDM control vs. the features provided by a Pre Stage Enrollment.

What would be the best steps or what are the methods other users have used to move over from Airwatch to JAMF Pro?



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It is true .. reset and allow DEP is the optimal method (for us not our end users) . Ipads I set up sessions with 20 staff at a time and just initiated device wipe from workspace one/airwatch console. I was not brave enough to do that for Macs though. 

after manual enrollment run this command to at least get into supervised mode. 

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment 

other wise getting the DEP enrolled status is just happening by attrition whether that be staff leaving or for support reason we are resetting devices. Thinking the biggest issue with non-DEP is OS updates, but to be honest OS updates are an issue anyway.