Shared iPad Experience


We are slowly implementing shared iPads into our K-12 district. We are using them for out library check outs. I was just wondering how the shared iPad Experience is going for other districts.

We are seeing some bugs here and there.

  1. Logging user out as soon as they login
  2. Very slow login time
  3. Kicking user off wifi as soon as they login
  4. Making the user Trust our wifi config 2x

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@Chriskmpruitt - you might also consider posting this in MacAdmins (, specifically the #edu_ios or #education channels.


Sounds like a few issues I had myself. With iOS 14 and 15 lots of those went away. 1 and 2,

Very slow login times, check for ports  that are blocked. Take the iPad home where you have no port blocking and see how it performs. A first time login could be 40 seconds, but after that, it should be no more than 20 seconds.  Trust the wifi, sounds like a wifi issue. 

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I agree that this could potentially be a network issue. Apples Mac Evaluation Utility is a great tool for quickly checking that all the traffic is passing with ease. 

You can find this on AppleSeed for IT

Also for reference here is Apples list of host and ports used for communication. 

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