Missing MDM profiles

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As our staff are returning to school, we have had a few laptops come back with no profiles installed.  Oddly the devices are still checking in and reporting inventory.  They have these failed commands

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 3.53.00 PM.png

 At this point the only good option appears to be to set up a new device. 

Running the command 

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment
does reinstall some of the profiles - but then the user must accept - and that is different than the install from a prestage.
Not really sure why this is happening or if there is a better solution.


Most of the time when you see the Topic error the device either has a mismatched APNS cert or the MDM profile has been removed somehow.  The only way to "fix" this and put it back without a complete(wipe) re-enroll is the profiles command you have there...it essentially grabs the MDM profile, yet doesn't go through the prestage process of creating the users etc...Others may have a better explanation or process to this...but the fix is manual at the moment, unfortunately.

This does however result in a user having to accept the profile - this seems to impact how profiles are installed base on which user "accepts" the initial profile