missing receipt


Today I was going to build smart groups, based on which "ideal image" was originally used to image a machine. One somewhat successful smart group was built using the criteria "Packages Installed By Casper ... has ... Mac 10.6.8 July 2012 v6.2.dmg".

After creating the smart group, I realized it was missing four computers (a two percent error). It baffled me why four computers were missing from the group.

Then, I looked at one of the computers in question. I checked the "Receipts" folder at /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Receipts/". The receipt "Mac 10.6.8 July 2012 v6.2.dmg" was missing. Yet, I know Casper Imaging used that .dmg file to image the machine.

Any thoughts as to why a receipt would be missing?


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If you do a jamf -removeFramework it will wipe out the entire /Library/Application Support/JAMF folder (including your Composer sources) - ask me how I know this :-(