Mobile Device Age Reporting

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I have looked through everything that my searches have shown on how to get the age or manufacturing year of Mobile Devices. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find how to get this information using Jamf's reporting.

Has anyone been able to gather this data using Jamf or Splunk or another API? I just found an article today on using Clarity by Diamond Assets which leads me to believe that will give me what I'm looking for, but is this the only tool?


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Hi @meyerst,

unfortunately there is no report for this in Jamf. You can build an EA and add it manually. That's how I did it, but only works if you have a manageable number of devices.

The fourth character in your iOS serial number represents the manufacture date.
K-2013 (1st half)
L-2013 (2nd half)
M-2014 (1st half)
N-2014 (2nd half)
P-2015 (1st half)
Q-2015 (2nd half)
R-2016 (1st half)
S-2016 (2nd half)
T-2017 (1st half)
V-2017 (2nd half)
W-2018 (1st half)
X-2018 (2nd half)
Y-2019 (1st half)
Z-2019 (2nd half
C-2020 (1st half)
D-2020 (2nd half)

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@meyerst Not sure how Diamond Assets is getting that information. I assume it's by decoding the first few digits of the serial number. When Apple starts using randomized numbers that will be a practically unusable method. I'd say it's worth contacting Diamond to see if they're willing to spill the beans on how they're determining the age.

We've just been using date of purchase or the warranty start date as our starting point for age.

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Thanks for the help! @Nick1403 , that will be useful! at least until we start getting the new iPads for this year, lol. Hopefully Apple will start putting the year in the Model information like they do with Macs.
@mainelysteve , I've reached out to Diamond Asset and will start playing with their tool next week. If I find out anything I will post it here.