Mobile Device Smart Group Criteria by Site issue in 9.96

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Did anyone else have this issue after upgrading to 9.96?

I have 3 sites we will call them High, Middle and Elementary

Each site has an "Assigned" smart group that only has access to their own sites. The criteria was "Username does not equal blank". Which worked great before the update, every iPad that was in the site that had a username was put in this group.

These are our major groups which all of our scoped profiles use. With the update, it seems that groups assigned to a site are no longer restricted to devices just in their own site, each "Assigned" smart group now has EVERY IPAD ASSIGNED AT ALL SITES.

This has majorly screwed up our configurations, every iPad has every app, and configuration profile.

If the groups are no longer restricted to their own sites then we NEED a criteria that checks for site of device.