Modifying User's Profile Picture

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None of the solutions that I've found work anymore in 10.12 (Sierra) or above.

Most solutions are something like this:


dscl . delete /Users/admin jpegphoto
dscl . delete /Users/admin Picture
dscl . create /Users/admin Picture "/Library/User Pictures/wunderman.tif"

exit 0

But I think that parts of this are deprecated.

Even the ones that somewhat work result in things like this:

Missing Image

I used this thread and tried all of the solutions there: [](link URL)

The only thing that comes close is from the final post by @tech-otaku . So I've got my script, and it executes locally perfectly fine.

It would appear as though the issue is that when executed via a JAMF policy it doesn't have a password to use (and we can't put our passwords in our scripts), nor does it even prompt for one (see following snippet for where I think the problem is).

#Imports profile picture from import.txt

dsimport /Users/<ADMIN>/Documents/import.txt /Local/Default M -u <ADMIN>

No idea how to get around that.

Here's the full script:


#Creates import.txt in <ADMIN>'s Documents folder

echo "0x0A 0x5C 0x3A 0x2C dsRecTypeStandard:Users 5 dsAttrTypeStandard:RecordName dsAttrTypeStandard:UniqueID dsAttrTypeStandard:PrimaryGroupID dsAttrTypeStandard:GeneratedUID externalbinary:dsAttrTypeStandard:JPEGPhoto" > /Users/<ADMIN>/Documents/import.txt

#Finds current user GUID, specifies which profile picture to use and writes to import.txt

echo $USER:$UID:$(id -g):$(dscl . -read /Users/$USER GeneratedUID | cut -d' ' -f2):/Library/User Pictures/Nature/Cactus.tif >> /Users/<ADMIN>/Documents/import.txt

#Deletes previous profile picture

dscl . -delete /Users/<ADMIN> JPEGPhoto

#Imports profile picture from import.txt

dsimport /Users/<ADMIN>/Documents/import.txt /Local/Default M -u <ADMIN>

#Deletes import.txt from Documents folder

rm /Users/<ADMIN>/Documents/import.txt

exit 0

<ADMIN> is not the real account I'm trying to modify.

Thanks for your help.