Mojave BETA 10 Policy to create locl users doesn't work

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I'm beginner on JAMF and sorry for my english :)

I'm doing to perform tests on Mojave BETA 10 with our DEP deployment workflow (JAMF 10.7)

I have a policy who create 2 local admin users but it doesn't works on Mojave. Nothing happens, no error, just "pending" (the trigger is "enrollment complete" and it works perfectly on High Sierra).

If I had the trigger "recuring checkin", same thing happens, policy stay "pending". But if I perform a comand sudo jamf policy on the computer, it prompt me with a "Terminal would like to administer system preferences... Allow or No". If Allow, it works...

So I've found this from Rich Trouton :

but I don't know if my problem is linked with the Privacy Preferences Control... and if I would like to try to upload examples profile to JAMF Pro, it doesn't works, so any help will be welcome.

Thank you!