Mojave - Enable Automator Actions from Third Parties

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Hey all. We have a script that uses Automator to copy a file path on our server and allows you to paste it into an email as a clickable link. It uses a third party automator action "Get File Path." I want to update everyone to Mojave, but in my test group I've found that you are now required to manually enabled automator actions from third parties. Obviously, I don't want my users to have to do this. Does anyone know of a solution to resolve this? I have opened the Automator plist in my user and haven't found an option for this particular setting. A screenshot is attached of the option I'm talking about. Thanks for any help!



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Any luck on finding an answer to this issue that may not have been posted here?

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@JoshF, my resolution was going over the Automator action again to verify the script worked with the new OS. It was a script that was around five years old and hadn't been touched until before my time.

After rewriting a few things, I created a package using Composer that copied the Automator Actions I wanted to enable that were stored in ~/Library/Services. I then shipped out that package to a few users, and the Automator Actions no longer experienced this pop-up.

The overall issue was that we had created a separate Automator action that was no longer working with macOS 10.14, so a quick few fixes in the script took care of this. Sorry that it's a little obtuse, but you should check that the action you're working with is not using a defunct automator service.