Mojave upgrade disabling Jamf binary?

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Hi All,

I've got here a case where the user prematurely upgraded to Mojave in violation to our policy. In addition, I do now see no more management options for the client device but statistics exist and are coming in. Is there any way I could remotely promote the old status again so that the device becomes fully manageable? Screenshot attached




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Since Mojave is still in beta Jamf doesn't technically support it yet. I know on my test machine not only are management options lacking but Self Service and all Jamf app's don't launch. I would pull back the machine and wipe it until Jamf releases a version that is compatible with Mojave. I also put Install macOS as a restricted software so people can't try to upgrade.

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That staff member in question did a rogue upgrade. I was successful with executing a policy, sudo jamf mdm did the trick and management options re-appeared. Then I could lock the machine and this way the device is about to find it's way back to the ICT Department. Thanks for your help.

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@sharriston Did the restricted software method work? Did it disable the notification to install Mojave as well?

Thanks so much!

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The only reason a user should have a notification to install Mojave is if they installed the beta profile. All the restricted software does is block when they launch the Mojave Meaning users may still be prompted once Mojave comes out to install it, but once the installer launches it will quit and I have it delete the installer.

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JAMF Pro 7.1 said it allows for Mojave to be used with JAMF. I anticipate this with bells and whistles on. I would love to test it in a live situation.


We have had success with 10.7.0 and Mojave. The changelog for 10.7.1 doesn't show much and it looks like it implements official support for new configuration profiles introduced in 10.7.0.

With that said, the only major issue in ur testing was Self Service not working, and that was resolved with 10.7.0. Mojave gets 0 day support from our group because our existing processes and policies in 10.13 have all worked without issue.