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We currently have a lab with several machines and an instructor workstation
in the front. This WS is connected to a projection unit that can only do
1024x768 so when I build my image I need just that machine to be at 1024x768
(the rest are at higher resolution). Is there a way for me to push those
settings to just the one machine? I cannot seem to find anything on this for
some reason.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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I had the same issue happen to me in a lab. What we decided to do was make a group for the instructor machines to isolate them and then made a package in composer so whomever logs into that station - the package installs the display settings. Probably not the best way - since logon takes an extra few seconds, but it works.

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I use a command-line program called cscreen, It is installed on every computer. Depending on the computer(s), I have startup policies that run a command to set the resolution. For example, we have an open lab that uses cheap NEC flat screens that never keep the proper resolution. I have a policy, with a scope of this lab, that on startup, runs a command (utilizing cscreen):

/Applications/Utilities/cscreen -x 1280 -y 1024

I put the app in utilities, your own path may vary.

It seems like this app might be hard to find. If anyone would like a copy, email me on Monday.