Monterey vs. Big Sur DMG Installation Location

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We are running into an issue with installing bitdefender endpoint on MacBooks with Monterey.

For Big Sur we followed the following configuration:

However we noticed that this doesn't necessarily work on Monterey. In Big Sur the dmg would install the pkg in the /Users/Shared folder (see composer screenshot). When running this on Monterey we get the error: Result of command:
installer: Error - the package path specified was invalid: '/Users/Shared/antivirus_for_mac.pkg'.

My question is: is there a difference between Monterey and Big Sur directories where dmgs get installed into? Or does it look like I am missing something here?





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New Contributor III

I noticed that the S in /Users/Shared was not capitalized in composer, I believe that might be the issue

Just fixed that and am still getting the same errors unfortunately