Most of my devices getting "The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs Server"


I'm managing 140 iPads in JAMF 10.7.1 and I noticed that none of my iPads except for 3 that were just enrolled in the past week are talking to JAMF. I'm getting "The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs Server." I believe our Apple Push cert expired for a few days around the time all the iPads last checked in. Since renewal, I've got nothing.

How can this be fixed without re-enrolling 140 iPads?


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If you allowed the certificate to expire, I think the only resolution is to re-enroll the devices.


This sounds like an incorrect push cert was renewed. Even if it HAD expired for a few days, if you renew the same one things should keep chugging along. Jamf Pro pops up a warning when this happens, but most folks click right on through it without reading it. Check the Topic ID on the iPad to see if it matches what's in Jamf. (Get this on the iPad by going to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > MDM Profile > click on the profile under the Mobile Device Management heading > Topic). If they're different, the wrong cert was renewed. You can try and renew the correct one and see if that kicks things back off, otherwise, it's time to re-enroll.