Mounting Master Share on Windows JSS

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I am using a Windows JSS with a Windows share as a Master DP, and also using a Active Directory account to access the share. I've noticed that if the share-access account is in a different domain than the JSS Windows machine account then the share fails to mount.

I'd like to try setting up the JSS to use a local windows account, but I dont know how to enter the value for the account in the JSS Server setup. Just entering the account name doesnt work, nor does using a .local suffix or machine name prefix. Note that I *can* mount the share from a remote Mac using finder and passing machine_namelocal_acct when challenged.

Has anyone else experienced cross-domain authentication issues with thier JSS share accounts? Anyone set up a JSS on Windows to use a local account for the share? If so, what's the trick??

Thanks !


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You *should* be able to use an account from a different domain, assuming that your AD folks have set up the trust appropriately. I actually ran this setup in our pre-production environment just fine (though am now not doing that in Prod and am using the same domain.)

For the "Workgroup or Domain (SMB only)" field enter the local machine's hostname if you want to go with a local account.

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Thanks Jared ! I did not try entering the Host Name in the Workgroup or Domain field.

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have the similar issue, under files shareing setup on the distrivution point are you saying choose smb rather than afp for ther casper share