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Can someone please confirm that the Casper Management Logs (Imaging, Application usage, Remote usage, etc) are gone in version 9? If so then this is a tough hit for us - we have been reporting metrics from these logs to our management throughout our ...
Hello - We cant use NetBoot in our environment, so we are stuck using a USB boot device to start the Casper Imaging process. This is working okay, at least until we upgrade our JSS server. After that we have to gather all the USB devices to make sure...
I posted this earlier, and either it was too easy and I should have known the answer or it was too hard for the forum. So I'll try again :-) If you build a policy that has three things identified in it: A packageA scriptA command (advanced tab) What ...
What is the sequence of actions within a policy? If I select to install a package and run a script and execute a command all in the same policy, which order do they fire in?
I am using a Windows JSS with a Windows share as a Master DP, and also using a Active Directory account to access the share. I've noticed that if the share-access account is in a different domain than the JSS Windows machine account then the share fa...