Moving from prestage enrollment to fully enrolled

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I work in a UK University and we've just started to use Jamf Pro to manage our Macs. We have a large number of machines in use which are registered in Apple School Manager. I can see that it's possible to change the Device Management to Jamf. When I do that the Mac appears in "Global Management > Automated Device Enrollment > Apple School Manager" but I can't work out what to do next to make the Macs fully managed.

Everything I can find about the prestage enrollment process seems to assume that we're getting new Macs and then users go through the enrollment process at startup. We will definitely do this with new machines but we don't want to force users to reset their Macs.

I know that we can either send enrollment emails to users or go to devices and visit the <name> URL to enrol the machines but neither is really practical (classroom machines don't really have an owner that we can email and there are quite a lot of them!)

Please can someone point me to documentation about how to take a Mac which is listed in Apple School Manager, is already fully installed and in use and get it to be managed via Jamf without having to visit the computer.

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Unfortunately, since these macs are already deployed then someone has to manually go to each machine either by remoting into the Mac or physically be at the computer to enroll the Mac into your Jamf. If you already have a prestage enrollment configured then you just run this in terminal sudo profiles renew -type enrollment. Which will prompt to install the MDM config profile and enroll to your Jamf. Or go the website route to enroll. Either way, a person will have do to this manually for each Mac. 

thanks for this -  that's what I was afraid of but at least I know not to waste any more time trying to work out how to achieve the impossible 🙂

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Obviously, for new computer you don't have to do this depending on how your prestage enrollment is configured.

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User initiated Enrolment is pretty helpful to be honest and it won't take forever.

I still use Apple Remote Desktop heavily (JAMF Remote has never played ball for me) and was already using it prior to JAMF. I don't mind manually enrolling via UIE, get's our older devices that weren't purchased via Academia onto our systems. Do one lab a day and you won't lose your mind 😉

I don't think it's the amount of time it takes to enroll 1 device is the issue but to do this for many devices is time-consuming. But, yeah I would rather remote into each mac and enroll than to physically be at each mac.