Moving JSS from 8.43 to 8.61...any gotcha's?

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We skipped 8.5 through 8.6, but so far 8.61 is looking good in our LAB.

Now that we're seeing Mountain Lion out in the environment, we need to update JSS.

If we update JSS, the clients should update themselves.

Does this hold true if clients are on 8.43 and we update JSS to 8.61....will Mountiain Lion users automagically update?




We encountered a problem here on 8.6 that the binary was faulty. a jamf recon did not send out the reports to the jss. I sent out a request if it was fixed in 8.6.1. We had to use the 8.5.x binary instead meanwhile.

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@mbracco Thanks, it seems like 8.61 is a very good release from what I'm reading.


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Hi all,

I'm currently trying to upgrade the JSS 8.43 to 8.61, installer runs through says successful - Installer log looks ok, however it doesn't actually update? Once I log into the JSS it still says version 8.43.

Anyone experienced any issues like this before? I even tried downloading 8.52 and it did the same thing.

I've rebooted, reinstalled etc etc

Mac 10.6.8, MySQL 5.5.27, Java 1.6.0_35

I'm currently in touch with support but thought I would post here also. I will post resolution.


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Thanks guys, we updated our LAB server to 8.61 last week, but didn't get a chance to test much. Just saw 8.62 is out, so we'll update and start testing.