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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Redneck iPad Setup help

I want to be able to have an iPad on wired ethernet and an HDMI adapter.I have tried lots of Apple adapters and no luck. Is there some way to do this, maybe with the Apple USB-C HDMI adapter.What I have tried:Apple= AP AP iPad HDMI Adapter-->AP 3.0 C...  View more

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Firefox Developer Edition Install Script

Hi all, Theres some nice scripts I've found here that automatically update/install Firefox and Firefox ESR. We had a requirement to do the same for Firefox Developer Edition. I had some problems getting the full version of FF Developer (It wasn't in ...  View more

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Disable screensaver

Can someone advise on the easiest way to disable screensaver for all users (or currently logged in user) via Jamf Pro? I have some Mac Minis (MacOS 10.14) being used for digital signage and I'd like to push out a command so screensaver never comes on...  View more

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Computer name Changes

I enrolled several iMacs in one of our computer labs, that I didn't realize had a bunch of different non-standard computer names. Once I did realize it I went through each of the 8 machines in that lab (by sitting down at them) and changed their name...  View more

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Is Remote Login turned on by default?

Is Remote Login turned on by default after a Mac is enrolled into Jamf? I'm noticing that Remote Login turns on as soon as a machine is enrolled. Does it need to be turned on to check in correctly?  View more

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NetBIOS reset name

we are re-imaging a few Macs and some that are being sold. However we noticed after checking the systems, the netbios names still reflected some of our old naming conventions. (some were ad bound, some weren't) We tried PRAM and SMC resets and even e...  View more

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NoMAD and kerberos issue

Since JAMF now owns NoMAD and there are plenty of NoMAD users here, maybe I can find an answer to my query. Up until maybe a month or so ago we had been using ADPassMon without issue. All our Macs MUST join AD - we cannot escape it, but it worked jus...  View more

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FileVault state ENABLED on new machines?

I seem to be finding that on 2018 MacBook Pro's that when i enrol into the JSS they report that the start up disk is encrypted (i.e. the default out of box version of macOS - currently 10.13.6 - partition). However macOS doesnt have FileVault 2 on by...  View more

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Loaner iPhone help

When we had AirWatch they had a feature where you could set up a shared device. You had an agent app that you would log in and out of and it would pull down all profiles and settings that were assigned to that user. We also had active sync setup with...  View more

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JAMF ADCS - need to understand

The Jamf ADCS is as far I can see a proxy solution that can assign a machine certificate from a company AD CA. Does that mean, that if Mac is in dep and a macbook is outside company network, they can login with AD credentials (through Azure) or do I ...  View more

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Remote wipe smart group issue

I am attempting to remote wipe the membership of a smart group but this action isn't working. After choosing Wipe Device and clicking Next, there is a spinning dots symbol for a few seconds but the screen down't move on and the action doesn't happen....  View more

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Jamf Composer help

Hi all, I have been attempting to package an adobe plugin in composer to have it available for install via the self service. The plugin requires a 3rd party extension manager. I am able to successfully create the pkg to install the extension manager ...  View more

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iOS Screen Sharing/Remote Desktop Solution

Looking for something lightweight and cloud based with security in mind for a remote support app. Does anyone have any experience with Bomgar? We would like to have something with remote control but aren't sure that that's an option. Any recommendati...  View more

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Mojave Privacy Preferences Prompt - ssh recon

I have a couple extension attributes for Enterprise Connect that utilize the EC command line utility (/Applications/Enterprise Connect.app/Contents/SharedSupport/eccl). During Mojave testing, I have noticed machines get a privacy prompt when I run a ...  View more

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ClamXAV has gone to a subscriber model where users need to pay to get updates for it, however ClamAV is still open source and available for download free. I was wondering if anyone here has tried to bundle this and push it out to their users via JAMF...  View more

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iOS12 & Per App VPN

Hi,We are having major trouble configuring per app VPN for iOS12.I understand the VPN framework has changed in this revision and your VPN product (in our case Citrix SSO) must be compatible. (which it is). However when pushing VPN profile to device u...  View more

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Fail-Vault 2: T2 Mac seeming spontaneous decryption

Hi all, On a 2018 T2 Mac for one of my clients. No secure-token enabled user password will unlock the disk at startup. Recovery key will not unlock volume. Disk is listed as FileVault: No (Encrypted at rest) in diskutil apfs list. FileVault was enabl...  View more

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Outlook Calendars Not Syncing

We use Office 365 and most of our Mac users are using Outlook for their email and calendar needs. We're seeing an issue where certain people, usually leaders who have lots of meetings are encountering sync issues where they fail to show up for a meet...  View more

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Pre-MacOS Boot Authentication Possible?

Got the EFI Firmware Password and Filevault 2 policies going recently for our Macs. Unfortunately one of the wants for management was to enable a pre-OS boot password. Essentially a form of multi-factor authentication via a secondary password/passphr...  View more

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