Multiple File Share Distibution Point

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Hi All..

We need to setup multiple file share Distribution Points (DPs) per country. I would like to understand if there is a way that we can set some of DPs to fetch content from another DP that is not a master DP.
Or is there a way that we have set Master DPs per site. i.e. One Master DP for Europe Site another one for APAC site, now once I add a new DPs in APAC all these should take content from the master DP of APAC. And if I add a new DP in Europe Site it should take content from master DP in Europe Site. Please let me know if this is possible & how can this be achieved.



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Contributor III

There is no way to something like that in the JSS. What you can do: Setup robocopy / rsync / whatever jobs to sync your DPs. You can cascade them like you want.