Multiple Packages in a Single Policy

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I have a policy that I just created that I intend to deploy two different dmg packages. I noticed that when you have two packages selected for distribution, you can only check the boxes for FUT and FEU for one of them and not the other. When you try to select those boxes for the second package, they turn OFF those options for the first package. Is this the way it is supposed to work?


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Hmm, never noticed that, probably because I've so rarely ever used FEU/FUT options, and certainly never on more than one DMG. I'm not sure why it would only allow one package to use those options though. I can't really imagine what technical limitation there is on the backend that prevents them from being used on both DMGs.

As an aside, I would be careful when using FEU/FUT. I've heard from more than just a few people and customers about causing issues with their Macs when using those options these days, like corrupting parts of the OS, sometimes even necessitating a wipe and reinstall to get full functionality back. Way back when the feature was developed, the OS was much simpler than it is now.. Nowadays I don't really recommend using that function myself.

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If you really would like to accomplish this you could create two policies. Then in the first policy go to the Files and Processes payload and put in

jamf policy -event custompolicycall

Then make a second policy and set the trigger to be custompolicycall and they will install back to back. I always try to do this because when you pack a policy with to many payloads it tends to have more issues than it's worth.

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That is interesting! Within the last week I was in a chat session with a Jamf Tech and he specifically recommended enabling those options. I'll go turn them off...


You can create 2 separate policies which have the exact same custom trigger name. They will execute in alphabetical order when called.