Multiple users signing into one profile

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I work at a university and I’m trying to find a way to sign into a single user profile using credentials from AD. I can bind the computer fine and confirmed it works well. However, it creates a new profile for each user that signs in. Has anyone set up a method of being able to sign into a single profile with any credential seen in AD, or even better a selective list of users?


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The only way you are going to accomplish this is to use a shared account.  You won't be able to set it so that every account that signs in on the machine uses the same user directory, and even if you did you'd likely have to reapply it every time macOS updates.

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AD Binding and mobile account creation is working exactly as intended and designed. You would want to use a shared account, which is a horrible idea. What are you hoping to accomplish with the share profile? There may be a better way to get to your goal.

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Looks like they also posted over on Reddit and got about the same response.  Their objective looks to be to avoid having to teach new student workers where to save files.

Our ISO won’t approve a single log in for multiple users. However if I can make this part happen I can guarantee anyone signing in it a part of the university which they will be okay with. Biggest issue is users constantly rotate and the password does too… so trying to find a more consistent method of signing in with something a user would know.

It’s a mixture of shared settings, files, and convenience. So a student can come in, and pick up on work another user left off on.