MuseScore deployment in JAMF on MacOS

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I am trying to deploy MuseScore 4 in self service to allow a lab of Mac’s to download the application. I first made it available via a policy, and the base package taken from MuseScore. The package would fail to install on my test device. It would download, and then just fail. I then went and made a package using composer(taking a snapshot>installing the app>opening app>finish capture>create package). I then deployed THAT package in self service and got the same results. I have done this so many times with other applications, what am I missing with this one? Have any of you successfully deployed this app?


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Does the package you are uploading run locally? ie does it work independently of JAMF. 

What are the logs saying (JAMF Policy logs, macOS's install.log)? 


I went ahead and made a package using composer for this app, and it runs fine. Granted I did not upload the package in to JAMF or try to add any pre/post install scripts or anything.

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This is not what we use but it works. 

Would you like to give Installomator a try? The label hasn't been updated, so you will have to change it from MuseScore 3 to 4 and its URL. They have version 4.0.1 now, you can change it if you want, we just stay with 4.0

Change to this

    name="MuseScore 4"
    appNewVersion=$(versionFromGit musescore MuseScore)