My organization only uses iPads without any VPNs back to HQ. Do I need JAMF Treat Defense?

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Hey Team!

I am trying to deploy an MDM for my company which only has about 60 ipads across the country, but with many more on the way.

I am leaning towards JAMF now, as all I need to do is track, wipe, and push out Apple store apps. No 3rd party apps or anything fancy. We just use these Ipads with GoFormz to collect data in the field.

Jamf now is $2 per iPad but the Threat Defense their sales team is trying to sell me is $4 per iPad.

My question is how susceptible to viruses are iPads these days, because I'm pretty sure the risk is very low. No MacBooks, just iPads. No shared drive connections or VPNs on the iPads. We use MFA for our office 365 accounts. What's the risk of going without Threat Defense and just getting Jamf now for now?


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That is unfortunately not an easy question to answer. It is also really a question for your security and governance teams to answer.


Malware is not a major issue on iOS/iPadOS, but it is always a concern. What is the point of securing your devices if someone can log in to O365 from anywhere? They will just sign in on whatever device has the least management if they want to do something phishy. 


In my opinion. Restrict the login locations for O365 (if not done so already), setup a per-app VPN for your Microsoft tools. Then setup management containers for your corporate managed apps. All your corporate data is safe within that container, and only applications managed by your enterprise can access that container. 


If you have not done so already, get DEP setup. Also if you are really wanting to manage these iPads more so than a mom/dad managing their kids, look at JAMF Pro. At 60 devices you are really pushing the use case of JAMF Now.