NAC On Big Sur

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Is anyone using NAC on either WiFi or LAN on Big Sur. Prior to covid, we had it working fine using Catalina, for both network types but had never deployed it, just during testing. Here, 2 years later when we have office's starting to open back up, we go to take a look at it again and are facing challenges we didn't face on Catalina.

Both WiFi and LAN didn't prompt you to select a certificate. Big Sur you seem to have to do that on both types of networks. 

After selecting the certificate on WiFi, you have to put in admin credentials to use the certificate. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, the majority of our users are standard users and that won't work. 

I have a configuration profile in JAMF that deploys the settings for the networks, including the certificate needed to the authentication. 

Anyone else experience any of this, or is using it with no issues?


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ForeScout SecureConnector here. Catalina and Big Sur. No problems so far.

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In the profile, try adding the name to the Trusted Server Certificate Names - Certificate Common Name field.
This should be the RADIUS server name & can support wild cards like *

RADIUS Info.png