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I am just bought new Apple changed the Airdrop option from "Everyone" to "Everyone for 10 Minutes". We use Jamf Pro in a huge educational enviroment with the Classrom-App. The problem is that teachers can´t send documents to students after the 10 minutes have elapsed. So every student has to change the setting again after the time period which is not practicable. Any hints to fix that problem or any workarounds? Tell Culvers

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@Erinalopez There is currently no MDM configurable option to set AirDrop to always on. You should use whatever channels you have available to send feedback to Apple that this change is a huge detriment for use of AirDrop in an educational environment, and an MDM controllable option would address that issue.

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In our testing we noted a couple of items:

- If you Open Apple Classroom and start a class - the AirDrop destination is visible for the whole class iPads.

- Given that AirDrop is restricting to contacts - a bit of an odd workaround is to AirDrop a contact card featuring some details on the Teacher's contact card (for example their Managed Apple ID) to student iPads.  Then the teacher is a "contact" of the students, and is able to bypass the 10 minute limit.

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Ok, thanks, I will keep it in my mind next time. Thanks for the info.

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