Need Help - Jamf AD CS Connector with Jamf Cloud

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So I have been working with my cert experts and I'm trying to get Jamf AD CS Connector working to issue machine certs to our Macs and iPads but after I have all the information entered into Jamf after setting up the connector on an internal Windows 2019 Server, I'm getting some very basic errors like "Install Configuration Profile ADCS Profile Unable to retrieve AD CS certificate for profile payload." in the computer's history and "2020-05-14 19:18:04,024 [WARN ] [ina-exec-35] [Credentials ] - We don't want to return an X509 Cert from a PKCS12 data blob" in the server logs. I've opened a support ticket but thought maybe someone here has gone through this and has experience with these errors.


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Do you mind if I ask about the solution?