Need Help - Reset all Settings Keeping Wifi Profile iPadOS???

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Is there a way to send mass action commands in Jamf Pro to reset all settings on iPads while keeping the Wifi Profile? That way I don't have to manually re-enter the Wifi password on hundreds of iPads after wiping them to prepare for new students???


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This would be amazing!

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Not sure that there is a mass action option for this (yet), but there is a new API endpoint that may work depending on your setup: (ERASEDEVICECOMMAND section)



Agree with @dwbergstrom! Return to Service is (will be?) a great answer to this.

With Jamf Pro and its Return to Service feature, you’ll be able to send a remote Wipe command that includes a Wi-Fi profile. The Wi-Fi profile is preserved throughout the wipe and then applied automatically during an abbreviated Setup Assistant process. (I say “abbreviated” because it’s completely hands-free and reapplies prior settings like language.) Connecting to Wi-Fi is enough to allow the iPad to reconnect to Wi-Fi, activate and re-enroll in Jamf Pro.

Return to Service is currently API-only as the feature is fine-tuned, but I expect it should come to the Jamf Pro interface before long. If you haven’t signed up for the Jamf Pro beta in your Jamf Account, you should do so. It’s a good way to see what’s coming next and to try things before they’re released.

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I've been playing around with Return to Service Jamf API, seeing how it works -- and I wrote up a full example in Python if anyone's interested:

This script uses individual serial numbers as the basis for the command. I'll probably do a similar one where you can run the command on an entire group, but first I want to think about what controls I want to make sure I don't (or someone else doesn't) accidently erase every iPad in their Jamf instance.

Matthew Prins -- Jamf Scripts @ Github