Need Help: Students getting around Apple Classroom

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Some students figured out quickly that turning OFF bluetooth would prevent Apple Classroom working for the teacher. So, we locked bluetooth settings via JAMF. Great.

Now students are figuring out they can turn on Airplane Mode temporarily so the iPad is not available to the teacher.

Students also figured out if teacher puts iPad in Single App Mode, they can restart their iPad to get out of it (hold down HOME and POWER).

Any solutions to these issues?


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Yep. At 1st, staff were told that this was good 'teachable moment'. From what I'm hearing, most teachers here have now switched back to using Google Classroom.

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Google Classroom and Apple Classroom and not the same thing. There are no iPad management features in Google Classroom.

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There always gonna be new ways to get around it inevitable

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We handle our class disruptions in the office. The idea that a teacher is just suddenly helpless is nonsense.

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You can't fix behavior problems with technology. It's no different than students being off task when having pencil and paper. Refer them to the office.

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You could use Jamf Teacher... so far, no way to get around these restrictions... even a restart won't make a change