Need help with Okta & Jamf Integration

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Hey guys, I was recently shifted into the role of Sys Engineer after tackling some MDM projects. A new project I am tackling is setting up Jamf in Okta so that our users can enroll their apple devices in Jamf via Okta.

Does anyone have experience with this? I of course scoured the internet for guides and documentation but there is nothing notable.

This is utilizing Jamf Pro.


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Can you elaborate more as to what it is you are trying to do? 


As far as configuring the SSO side of Okta that is just a configuration profile in JAMF. Though, I am not sure what you mean by "enrolling" their devices in to Okta appose to enrolling the user in to Okta. 


As far as setting up JAMF in Okta: I recommend reaching out to Okta for that. JAMF does have some documentation for configuring the JAMF Connect Application in Okta, but that is different than JAMF Pro.

Integrating with Okta - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf

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I am trying to setup the same thing. Hope that we can make the zero touch where an end user power on their machine out of the box, ABM points it to Jamf, they authenticate via Okta, and an account for them is setup on the Mac while DEPNotify(already setup and working) sets up the machine.  

I have seen videos for this where Azure is used instead of Okta, we don't have Azure.  

Okta does have this guide:

Mine is not working yet so I am not much more help.

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