Need OS X 10.9.1 build 13B3116 for Audio Suite

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Hello out there!

I am needing some assistance acquiring this rare piece of Apple history for my collection.

This is the only build that will play nicely with my software and hardware.

I will need to make a bootable USB and am familiar with the Terminal method as well as DiscMaker X, however when trying to use either with anything other than 10.9.5, i get the error "command createinstallmedia cannot be found" --- despite it being there --- I've tried changing permissions throughout the path to no avail.

I've also noticed the varying methods using InstallESD.dmg, the image InstallESD.dmg mounts, BaseSystem.dmg, etc.... and need the appropriate method for using 13B3116 , if anyone can even make it available to me. Apple sure as hell can't (won't).

Thanks all!


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Looked up the build do need a deadly specific build! (13B3116) That is a model-specific build of OS X 10.9.1 for a MacBook Pro (Late 2013). I know for a fact that I have the 10.9.1 retail build (13B42). I also have 10.9.2 retail build (13C64) for a fact. I keep downloads of all the retail builds (don't know why...I've done that since System 7!!) anyway, I'll look as I do have a lot of model-specific builds, but definitely not all.

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You were almost in luck...that model of MacBook Pro shipped with a model-specific build of 10.9.0 (13A2093) officially.

If you have that installed, you can download the following update from Apple to achieve the build you desire (13B3116)

Let me guess the software you're fighting with is ProTools... they're the only ones I deal with that qualify their software to specific versions and builds. Luckily I only have to mess with retail builds in my case. On any hardware/software packages that are hard coded to specific versions of the OS, I use AutoDMG to dump out a restore image as my first task when we get a machine in and I b*^%+ and moan up a storm to the vendor if it won't work for all point releases in a major OS version (10.9.x).

Here's where we sink into the realm of unofficial and this may very well not work.

I have the retail build of 10.9.0... I could somehow get that to you as a thumb drive could try to install that on your MacBook Pro (Late 2013) and attempt to apply the will likely fail for 1 of 2 may simply fail to boot the MacBook Pro (Late 2013). If by some miracle it boots it, the installer may fail due to a certificate update at Apple right around the time of 10.9.4-10.9.5. If you by miracle get 10.9.0 installed on the MacBook, hopefully the special 10.9.1 update above won't fail and will update your system to the magic build you seek...a lot of ifs, but it's the only thing I can suggest with what I have to achieve that build.

Totally an unsupported thing obviously...if I can help you obtain what I can from my collection, feel free to post again with a means to directly contact you. If I had that model in my org i would be curious to see if I could make a go of it one way or another.