Net Imaging Not Booting into Target Drive - High Sierra

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Today I'm trying to solve an issue that I've been having with our High Sierra image deployment. When using "Boot into Target Drive" option after imaging the machine it just brings us to the MacOS recovery partition, we've also attempted to manually do it by using the "systemsetup -setstartupdisk" command in our deployment script. And before restarting the machine we've checked our own custom log and the system startup disk via terminal both saying that the boot drive is set to the desired drive. Unfortunately, we're still just being booted into the recovery partition. The only way that we've found around this is by manually choosing the boot drive before restarting via the system preferences menu, which is obviously not optimal for mass deployment.

Has anyone had an issue with this before? If so do you have any suggestions on how to automate the process?



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I’m getting similar since 10.6. Netbooting to 10.12.6 and laying down a 10.12.6 OS. Boots to ? in my case. Select correct drive in Startup Manager and it boots to the fresh OS, so it does install the package.*

*OS is installed, but the boot is to the login window and no accounts on the machine so can’t login. So FirstRun isn’t running to create jamftemp and do the rest of it.

Will dive in tomorrow, just wanted to flag I’m seeing something similar.

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@tuinte If you happen to find anything feel free to post back with some results