Netboot for Casper Imaging based on Recovery Environment

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Tried a bit of a search and couldn't see anything...
Has anyone managed to build a Netboot using the Recovery environment? The reason I ask is that it is my understanding that this would then be able to manipulate the SIP state on the machine, thereby making dualboot deployment a whole lot easier.


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Apple does not make the Recovery environment available for customization. Anyone undertaking such a projecet would have to do a lot of reverse engineering, and risk changes as Apple upgrades the OS.

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@Look & @RobertHammen Actually, NetInstall uses a non-SIP EFI & is basically the recovery environment.

So, either Casper NetInstall Creator or NBICreator would be worth a look at.

I've steered clear of this in my NBI tools as:

  1. Apple uses a SIP managed EFI for NetBoot images.
  2. Most requests i'be had to add non-SIP revolved around issues with bless & csrutil. That is really only fixed with IPHelpers as a PRAM reset resets csrutil.

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Thanks @bentoms yeah I have been using (and loving) CasperNBI up until now. SIP is a bit of a pain when trying to deploy Dualboot Windows 10 machines, especially if you want to use something an EFI based OS selector as well.